Well, Thank God it's Friday! This means that I won't see my honey-man for a few days. You know how that goes. Hopefully on Monday he won't still be in one of his shitty moods like he was in today. My word! I hate it when he acts like a jerk. He just gets in these moods and I refuse to put up with it. If I'm mad for some reason, I'll complain for a few minutes about what's bugging me, and then I'm over it and ready to move onto something pleasant. He acts like a jerk when he's upset. If I ask him what's wrong, he always snaps at me and I have to practically beat it out of him before he'll tell me what's up.

I was mad at him this morning. I don't remember why. We avoided eachother all day, and by the end of the day, we both got over our problems.

I just called Renee and stuff. She is going to call me back because she's eating dinner. I don't think Mikey likes me much. He didn't seem amused to talk to me when I called.

Right now, my goldfish bowl is so dirty. Poor little fish.

I heard from someone that Jonathan kissed Gwen today. I can't believe it. They don't even know each other or anything about eachother. They have been going together for only one day. I cannot believe this. Liz thinks that they only want eachother for sex. That's terrible.

Anyways, I sometimes think that mine and Dylan's "little fling" is kindof stupid. We don't seem to have any kind of a reason to be together. We have no purpose for this. We have no reason to break up (except maybe boredome) but we have no reason to stay together. If we broke up, I'd miss him, but I'm not sure what I'd miss.

Renee just called me back. We talked for about 15 minutes or so. She said that Dylan is mad at her because she came in the room when we were alone together. Appareantly he was going to put "the moves" on me. Whatever. He WAS acting weird, but I didn't think anything of it. Oh well. She also said that the principal's daughter doesn't believe that me and Dylan weren't doing anything when we were out in the rain that day. I guess that the principal doesn't believe me either. Oh well.

Gotta go! Love ya!