Today was pretty dull. I don't know, everyday is dull to me, but nothing really happened with me, specifically today. Oh, Nellie! I think that war is going to break loose tomorrow. It's a long, complicated story. But Jonathan liked both Gwen and Tori, and both of them liked him. He told Liz and I that he liked Tori, and was considering asking her out. He said that he would never go out with Gwen "because she's only in 7th grade." So guess what he did today!? He asked Gwen out! He is such a liar.

Anyway, Tori feels really low because he had said that he liked her. Mikey, also feels really bad. I guess because even though HE dumped her, he still feels like Gwen is his personal property. This is my opinion, but I think that yes, Gwen does like Jonathan but she's going out with him to make Mikey and Tori both feel low. Anyhow. I have definately wasted enough time on this topic.

It is now time to discuss my lover. I really love him to pieces. I have to tell you that somehow, I am still in shock from that kiss. It's so weird how excited I am about this. I guess it's because it was long anticipated. Now I want it to happen again. (Will I ever be satisfied with my life? I doubt it. I always seem to have some dilemma or something that I want.)

I'm kindof paranoid that he regrets that it ever happened. I feel so close to him. Like we have a special bond or something. (This is really gross. I can't believe I'm saying this.) One thing I love about him is that he doesn't stink. He always smells like hair product and/or fabric softener. It's kind of cute.

Today, Dylan's brother told some kid in his class that Dylan told him that he actually likes Michelle and not me. He, of course, denies it. I really don't know if it would be true. I'm sure he must like me, right? We will have to discuss this further at some other time. Like, tomorrow for instance. I need to find out if his brother is lying or if Dylan has some secret obsession with Miss Michelle.

Well, gotta go. I love you. And I love Dylan. And Liz too.