I was proud to discover that I just gained back a week of my life. I thought that yesterday was the 15th, but it was only the 8th. What a relief. My honey wrote me a note today. He says that he wants to kiss me, but he's too shy. He says he wants me to kiss him instead. I don't think that's fair at all! I think he should kiss me now that we've established that we both want to kiss.

Please try to forget all the weird stuff I said yesterday. I was being crazy. Ha-Ha.

So, this is all out in the open. I want us to kiss, he wants us to kiss. It just doesn't seem very romantic this way. I know, I know. I'm a whiner. Before I didn't want to kiss him because I didn't know if he wanted to. Now I don't because I know he does and it completely ruins the MOOD for me. Haha.

Today I found out what grades I'm getting for the quarter. English C, Geometry C, NW History B-, Bible B+, P.E. A, CSI is either an A or B. ELS, I still don't know. I don't think that's TOO bad of grades. The Iowa tests came back and said that I tested at the level of someone in their third year of college. I'm only in tenth grade, so I think that's awesome. Now I have the head about the size of Seattle, no problem. Mr. S says that I should be getting straight As in school. Guess I need to try harder, huh?

Today, Mikey said something about me knowing how big Dylan's "stick" is. Dylan say that no, I don't, and I'm never going to find out. Why does he do that? Does he think I'm repulsive and will never meet his stick? Ha-ha.

Gotta go!

Love ya,