Today is Veteran's Day. I'm supposed to honor all of the veterans, but none of them is here right now. I also had the day off from school yesterday because of Parent-Teacher conferences. My mom didn't go to hers, so I'll never know what evil things Mr. S would have said about me. I swear, that guy is just about annoying. He is a creep. Speaking of creeps, Mister Dylan is really getting on my nerves. I haven't heard from him since Monday, but he's still annoying me. How? you ask. Well, he is haunting my dreams. I keep having dreams about us getting married, having kids. You know, that mushy kind of crap. I really don't like it. I doubt he has dreams about me.

I really don't know why we are together, truthfully. We have like nothing in common. Our personalities aren't anything alike. He's a moody person. I'm more cheerful, I guess. He gets bored so easy and he doesn't seem to care about anything, even me sometimes. It's depressing. He's just so weird.

I remember this summer, Mikey and some people were talking about how weird Dylan is. Of course, that was before I knew anything about him. All I knew was that he hardly talked, he got a boner once (ha ha!), he didn't like to smile, and he was going into 8th grade.

That's all. That's basically all that I know about him now. My knowledge of him has grown slightly, but not by very much. I now know that he doesn't like his parents, he once ran away from home when he was a little kid and all he packed was stuffed animals, he thinks his mother's a terrible cook, and his parents don't trust him. That's about it.  How did I get him?