Dearest Carnation, Today was an okay day, but I did something really stupid and, if you think about it, it was really gross, too.  I’ll tell you about it later, okay?

First I’ll tell you about yesterday.  We were assigned our partners for dissecting. I am partners with Samantha.  We were also given our frogs. We named ours Harry.  So all that we accomplished yesterday was the opening of the mouth and the scraping of the skull.  Today, however, was awesome!  We totally skinned him.  We got to cut the muscles off his legs and then we go to open up his chest and look at all his internal organs. It was so cool.  I liked it very much.

Before class today, I did something that I don’t think we’re supposed to do.  I’m not sure.  But anyways, I was getting mine out of the refridgerator and Curt wanted to see it, so I took Harry out and showed him.  He thought Harry was really cool and said, “You should take out his eyes and put them in the freezer and then you can keep them forever.”

Since I had no use for them, during class, I scooped them out with my probe and after class, I went over to Curt, who was sitting on the steps, and said, “Here, Curt. I got the eyes for you.”

He said something like cool and then I left.  He liked them, I guess, because he put them in a little plastic bag and carried them around everywhere with them.

After I thought about it awhile, I realized how deranged it was for me to just walk up to him and hand him some eyes.  You gotta admit that was odd.

I love you!  I like Curt a lot!