Hello my Carnation, Today was quite uneventful. I really don’t believe Curt and I spoke except to say “hi” and “hello.” Cool, huh?  We are real conversationalists, now aren’t we?

He has the cutest legs. Leslie and I did these chart things of who, of guys, has the cutest butts, legs, and the nicest chests. I really don’t care about any of that stuff, but I do like Curt’s legs. They’re so cute!

I think I’m going insane because Curt’s face is breaking out and I think he looks cute with zits. (Now you understand what I mean about going insane, huh?)  I know it isn’t possible for me to love him or anything, but I definitely have a major crush on him!  He is so weird and everyday I find myself liking him more.  He “makes me feel kind of funny.”  (Quote from Wayne’s World.)

I wish he wasn’t so shy. If he is going to ask me out, what exactly is he waiting for? He must know that I like him.  I don’t see how he could not know.  We keep writing corny notes to each other on my desktop.

Maybe I am falling in love.  What do you think? You stupid book!  Why don’t you ever tell me your opinion? Duh.  Just kidding!  I love you! (and maybe Curt too).