Dear Carnation, Today was kindof a boring day. Curt didn't ask me out.  He is slow or chicken or disinterested.

Man, I hate computer class.  It's so confusing and if I do something wrong, the teacher comes over and taps my head. It hurts. I'm thinking of knocking him out the next time he tries that little trick.  He is such a jerk.

Biology wasn't as much fun as it was yesterday. Samantha wasn't at school, so Liz helped me.  She is kind of queasy about touching the frog, and I don't blame her.  That's how I was last year. I cut some organs out of Harry's body that I wasn't supposed to and I think Mr. M was kindof annoyed.

Liz told me that she told Curt that I think he has cute legs.  I was very embarrassed, but I guess I don't mind that much.  Liz tells me everything they talk about.  (She says it's usually me.)  Today she said that she told him I was giving up Christian Slater for him.  It's true.  I'm not sure if I want her to tell him that kind of stuff.  Maybe I do.  I don't know.  I'm too confusing of a person and I don't know what I want.  Well, I do.

I better stop arguing with myself now.  So, moving on.  When she told him that, he said, "I feel special."

Our "desk conversation" goes like this:

Him: Hello Mindi -Curt Me: Hello.  I didn't know you sat here Him: II dodo Me: Everyday? Him: Yes Me: It's boring here isn't it? I think it is. Him: Sometimes Me: I'm sorry Him: Your forgiven, I think. Me: That's good. HA! You were supposed to say, "It's not your fault, Mindi."

That's all.  Also I wrote:  Why is that all smeared? Have you been putting spit on my desk?

That's it.  Our whole conversation. At least until tomorrow! It was so exciting I'm sure you are jumping out of your seat.  Aren't  you?

Also, Curt told Liz that he wants to ask me out but he doesn't know how.  Oh brother.  I hope Liz is telling the truth and not exaggerating or anything. I just like him so much. I'll believe anything that anyone tells me about him. I'm just gullible, I guess.

I love him, but it's kind of a BIG crush, so I guess I can call it love. Whatever. Who cares?  I really wish he would ask me to the banquet.  Why? Do you think I am just wanting a boyfriend, any boyfriend? I hope I'm not being like that. (The only reason it occured to me is because Gary told me that's how he thinks I am. What a nerd!)

I love you. And Curt, now that I've established that.