Carnation, I'm scared to death.  I did something completely stupid and there is no way I can ever fix it.  (I don't think.)  It will ruin my face forever.

You see, my mom has this hair remover stuff called Nair in the drawer.  I saw it and decided that since I have some hair on my face that I would try it.  Appearently this stuff isn't all that great of quality because it only worked partway.

Now I have little prickly things on my face and I'm so scared.  I also have a rash around my mouth from it.  I could just die.  My mom is going to kill me and I'm going to kill myself and everyone at school will laugh at me and Curt won't like me again and he won't ask me to the banquet and my social life will be completely ruined.

My acting career will be ruined too because all the producers, directors, agents and whoever else is involved will think I'm too damn ugly to work for them.  I think I will make myself stop breathing while I sleep tonight.  Like that's possible.

Today Curt was pretty nice to me.  He wasn't mad or anything, just I don't know, a little cold at first but then he lightened up.  It was fine.  I don't know exactly what his problem could possibly have been.

Some bell choir came to our school and it was boring.  Sorry, but it was dull.

I have to go now.  Oh Carnation.  I am so scared about my face.  I just don't know what to do.

Good bye.


Help me!!!