Dearest Carnation, Today was a horrible day in which I hope to forget soon.  I'm still in Portland but that has nothing to do with why I'm so...  You know that cough syrup overdose I told you about?  Well, it turns out indeed I did have to suffer consequenses of that stupid mistake.  Yesterday was just a tiny part of the horrible things I faced today.  I thought that I was going to die!!  I had a fever, headache, body aches, I was dizzy and nervous.

It turns out, these are all side-effects of a cough syrup overdose.  Can you believe it?!  Some stupid cough medicine has make me sick this whole day.

At least it isn't as bad as I thought.  I thought I'd maybe gotten pnemmonia and was going to have to miss our ski trip.  Hopefully I'll get better before then.

I watched so much TV today as I lay dying on the couch.  One good thing - I finally got to see Heathers.  I LOVED it.  I thought it was really cool!  One really great thing was that both my favorite actress-- Winona Ryder, and my most favorite actor (I don't think I need to mention names, do I?) were in it.  Gary acted like I would hate it and be scared or something  but I LOVE that movie.  It was definately worth the wait.

I probably could go on and on about it, but I think I'll stop now.  I hope to get better tomorrow so that me and Mignonne can see Kuffs.  I heard it wasn't all that great, but I want to see it anyways.  It will be fun.

Well, I should probably go to sleep now.  Did you know it's only 7:16pm.  I've had a really rough day, huh?

Love you!