All 4 you Carnation Hello, Hello, Hello. What's up witchoo? I'm okay, I guess. Right now I'm in Portland. I'm staying until Monday (Martin Luther King day!).

Tomorrow I'm going to Mignonne's for the afternoon. Then we are going to see Kuffs on probably Sunday afternoon or evening.

She now gets YM magazine all the time. She said that they have a big old story about - who else - Christian Slater. She said the pictures were really weird-looking. I can definately understand why she might think that. I've seen pictures of him in, like, People and stuff and he looks like a total space-o, just staring into space like crazy person. I, of course, don't mind.

Today at school I felt sick the whole day.  I was practically coughing my lungs out!  Also, my throat is so sore, sometimes I can hardly even talk.  My back hurts.  It's this pain I can't exactly describe.  It just hurts.  I most certainly hope I get better before the ski trip or I think I will have to die.

Oh, last night my coughing was so bad I just got out of bed and took a big swig of cough syrup.  Then I kept having dreams about dying of a cough syrup overdose!  It was really terrible!  I hate it when I die in my dreams.

I called Mignonne.  She's not mad anymore, if she even was in the first place!!  We were talking about our favorite sayings from all of Slater's movies.  I know that sounds really nerdy, but it was fun!  We'd say, "Tramp, Bitch!"

I'm glad she isn't mad at me.  I most certainly wouldn't want to lose my bestest friend!!

I got to skip P.E. today since I wasn't feeling well.  That was cool, but really boring, I'm really glad I didn't have to play though.  It was soccer and I hate soccer.

Yesterday was my last day in choir.  Praise the Lord!  Hallaluah!  I was so sick of that stupid class I could puke!

Yesterday, Lacey and Michelle didn't come to school because some friends from their church had died in a  car wreck the night before.  It sounded really sad.  One of them was some lady that was like an adopted grandma to them.  With her sixteen year old grandson.  It made all of them very upset.  Liz said she had a crush on the kid.  His name was Ben.

I would freak out if someone I knew personally died.  I know soon my great-grandparents will die, and then my grandparents and even my mom will.  It's just too depressing to think about.  Death is so unfair.  I hate it.

I have to go to sleep now.


Love ya,