My dearest Carnation, How long, I wonder, have you been eagerly waiting for yet another episode of Mindi's life?

Today was an awesome day!  When I first woke up, I didn't feel too good, but than after about, oh, two maybe three hours, I felt fine.

I went to Mignonne's and we made arrangements to see Kuffs.  Then her mom was like, "No, you can't go see that!"

I was shocked.  After a lot of yelling from Mignonne, her parents were convinced to let her go.  It was hilarious!  Then her dad said that both him and Donnie were coming.  Mignonne was really mad.  She was like, "I'm almost 15 years old!  I do not think I need to be chaperoned to a PG-13 movie, Dad!"

There was no changing his mind though and they came with us.  Personally, I thought the movie was good.  I don't see what all this B.S. was about it being "too violent" or "stupid" and stuff like that.  I thought it was a really cute movie!!

Of course, my favorite person to be jealous of - Milla Jovovich was in it, but she wasn't in it too much thank goodness.  I thought Christian Slater did a good job and was really funny.  That, of course, is only my personal opinion.

After, would you believe, we went to see another movie:  Star Trek VI.  I don't know exactly what to say about that one.  I'm certainly not a Star Trek fan so I really didn't understand most of the movie.  It was kind of boring.  Christian made a quick appearance.  I think he was on a grand total of 15 seconds, but he was cute in his little star fleet suit!!

I guess I should go to bed.  It's almost 11:30pm.  I have to get up early tomorrow -- to go home!