Hello my Carnation, I hope you had a good day, sitting on my table, waiting anxiously for me to write in you again.  Am I right? I watched a Jetson's cartoon a long time ago and I remember that Judy's diary could talk.  That's cool, I guess, but I certainly wouldn't want my diary to tell everyone what I said!!

Today I took my Bible test.  I think I got a pretty good grade on it, but I really don't know.  I won't know for about a week probably since Mr. [teacher] is so slow.

Mrs. [teacher] made me really mad today because, okay, on Romeo and Juliet I love the nurse.  That's the character that I always want to play.  So this really dramatic scene for the nurse came up today, and she wouldn't let me be the nurse!  I think that that really sucks.  No one else can be the Nurse as well as I can and she knows it, she just wanted to make my life miserable or something.  I hate people like that.

You know what I wrote yesterday about how I'm not going to like anymore guys.  Well I guess I was kindof full of bullcrap since today I descided that I like Evan again.  I don't know how long it will last, but Isn't it pathetic??

I hate liking people.  I feel really weird, like I have to be nice all the time when they are around so they won't think I'm a spoiled brat.  I don't like having to act different than I am.  (Not that I'm exactly a spoiled brat all the time or anything!!)

When people first meet me they always think I'm so sweet and quiet and shy, then little by little they realize I'm really nothing like they thought.  I kindof wish that I was like they thought, but the person they imagine me was has no opinions about anything.  People who really know me know that I can just about talk a person's ears off!

I just realized how much I hate my fingernails.  They are so ugly, all chipped and dirty and icky!!

Today I tried on all my shorts from last year, you must understand -- last year they were all too big for them, I had to wear a belt with them all summer!  Okay so anyways, I tried them on, and they all fit me perfectly!!  Isn't that cool?!  I'm so proud of myself.  I hate my metabolism.  I mean It goes so fast.  I could be asleep and I'd lose weight.  I hate that.  Everyone says I have nothing to complain about, but I don't like to be so skinny.  I wish I could just gain about 15 pounds.  Maybe even 10 would be alright.

I can't break tradition, so I'll at least mention Christian, okay?  I'm listening to my tape of Robin Hood.  Not the soundtrack, but the tape I did with all my favorite scenes.   He did such a good job with his accent.  I love it.   He is such an awesome actor.

Gotta go now.  I have a typing and Biology quiz tomorrow!


future actress (I hope)