Dearest Carnation, Hello.  Carnation, Carnation, wherefore art thou, Carnation.

As you probably can see, for English Literature class we are still doing Romeo and Juliet.  It's really dumb.  We don't act it out or anything.  We just sit at our tables and read.  Almost no one in our class puts any acting or feeling into it, they just read in monotone voices.  It's really dull.  Trust me.

Missy is going to be leaving on Friday the 17th.  That should be kind of sad.  She made out a "will" today.  I get her locker and her desk spot.  (It's right next to Liz's.)  When Evan  found out he said, "Oh. I guess I can see where that would be nessisary."

I think that he must really hate me.  I mean really hate me.  I know he thinks I am weird, so does everyone in this stupid class, but I think I just bug him to death.

I hope I get a date to the Banquet, even if it does turn out to be stupid.  that would be a major bummer is I went to another banquet without a date.  It would be my third year in a row!  How depressing.  All the guys here probably think I'm too strange and they wouldn't want to even ask me.

Good Job!  Now I have just depressed myself.  I hate when I do that.

Yesterday I did the stupidest thing.  Okay, my mom got - Jane Fonda's Ultimate Workout.  It's really for professional dancers and athletes, but I did it anyways.  So the tape is 90 minutes long and I did my little aerobics for about twenty minutes and I was, and still am, sooooo sore!  My muscles in every part of my body just ache.

I feel like crawling into a hole and sleeping for 36 hours straight.  That would be cool.  A day and a half of nothing but relaxation.  Even twelve hours would be great actually.

I love to sleep.  I love to have dreams too.  My dreams are so weird.  Lately, most of them have had me shooting a film or a commericial, three have had me dying or dead, and three have had me married.  (Once to Mignonne's brother and twice to -- who else -- Christian Slater.  How annoying.)

In most of my acting ones, I get in a fight or argument with someone. My marriages are always happy and my deaths are sad.  Everyone is crying and stuff.

I want to get off the subject of dreams now, okay?  This is kindof boring.

I don't get to quote Robin Hood very often, I'm sure that pleases everyone around, except I still say, "Do you mind, Locksley?" and "You are strange, Christian."  There's a few more I use only occasionally (like "F*** me!  He cleared it!" and a few others), but that's the majority I guess.

I hope Gary taped Heathers for me.  I really want to see that.  People refer to it all the time.  No one that I know, but movie people do.  That all act like it was really good.

Winona Ryder is engaged to Johney Depp.  I'm sure you could care less, but I needed something to take up the rest of this page!

Love ya, very, very much!