Hello Carnation, Today was an okay day. I mean it most certainly wasn't great but it wasn't too bad either.

I have a question for you.   Why do Bradley and Connor find it nessisary to read mine and Liz's notes and no one elses?  It really irratates me.  Lacey and Tara write notes all the time and they never try to read theirs.

Our notes aren't even all that mean.  I mean, we don't usually talk about other people, they are pretty much just funny, personal stuff.  They "intercepted" one today.  Thank goodness it wasn't anything too bad.  It was just a really dumb dramatic thing I wrote.

I didn't get to be the Nurse today for our dumb play-reading expidition.  I really hate this school and just about everyone in it.

[A list of everyone I liked and hated was here.]

Sometimes I think Liz and I aren't very good influences on each other.  We're bad enough separately but when we are together we are really a handful!!  I don't know how our teachers can put up with us.  One thing I can say is that we have alot of fun when we are together.

I think I'll give up on Evan and all guys for now.  I don't need one for ten more years so I'll just forget about them.  I'm sick and tired of liking guys and them not liking me back.  I hate that.  That has happened to me much too often and I'm not going to take it anymore!  From now on, I won't like any guys, okay?

Love ya,