Dearest Carnation, I know I haven't written in here for a long time, but well, I've been kindof busy.

I know you are going to want to kick my butt, but I've decided that Pump Up the Volume is a cool movie. In fact, it's one of my favorites. I know I was a real phychopath in my last entry, but I think I was getting high off my rootbeer or something. Don't ask me. Oh, also you must keep in mind that I almost never like movies the first time I see them. Okay? Well sometimes I like them, but I never love them until the 2nd or the 3rd time I see them.

Man, I just went back and re-read what I had written last time and I almost started laughing out loud! I sounded like a major idiot, especially that poem! Oh my God! I hope no one ever gets ahold of this or I am dead.  I mean, I'll die from the embarrasment of it all and this is only the 3rd day of writing in here!

Right now I'm listening to my soundtrack from Robin Hood. It's really cool! I almost am considering checking out music stores for the sound track to Pump Up the Volume. The songs in that movie were hilarious!

Christian Slater is in a new movie that comes out next friday. It's called Kuffs. It looks like it will be funny. And if not, too bad! At least I'll have seen another movie with him in it.  Mignonne wants to see it with me. At least she did before. I thinks she's made at me  because she said she was going to bed last night and it was only 6:30! Also she never called me back today.

By the way, I'm back at home now. My mom came and picked me and Lindsey up at 6:00! I was so glad to see her!

I am using the rest of my Christmas money to buy a new dress.  It's white and lacey and it has thin kindof straps. And it's only $40 (on sale)  I'm sure they will have my size and I will be happy and joyful and I will also have something cute to wear to the Banquet.  I hope Evan asks me to go with him.

I guess I haven't told you anything about him so I will now. Well, hmmm, he's a 10th grader, he's kindof tall, not really though, he likes basketball and football, he has brown hair and blue eyes (I think), all the rest I can see is that he's a real sweetheart. He's always really nice to me and he's really funny, too.  I think he might like me. At least Liz says that he told her that he thinks I'm cute.

I sometimes don't know wheather or not she's telling the truth to me though. I mean, Liz is my best friend at this school but sometimes I think that maybe she only tells me that kindof stuff so that she won't hurt my feelings or something.  Anyways, I don't base what I think about Evan on what she says. I kindof thought he might like me because lately he had started being even nicer to me than usual so that's kindof why.

Dang! I've been using the word - KINDOF - too much. I'll have to stop, even though it's kindof difficult!! (Just kidding!)

Oh, by the way, now whenever someone else burps, I always say, "That was deep!" I know that's really dumb, but it's kindof (oops!) a little joke I have with myself.  I saw it on Pump Up the Volume. Christian was talking on the radio about deep down feelings, I mean, you know, really personal stuff.  So then when he's done he goes, "That was deep." Then he lets out this monster of a belch.  It was so damn long and loud it kindof jolted me out of my seat. Me and Mignonne thought it was hilarious!

My cat Shelly just came into my room. So did Oliver Henry. Just a few minutes ago, Colie was in here. This bedroom has been like a freeway for the cats.  They have been in and out of here so many times it is quite annoying. Now Oliver is scratching my curtains. Stupid cat!

Did you know his real name is Christian Oliver Henry?!  At least that's what I named him. I don't call him Christian because really, it's kindof (there it is again!) embarrassing. So I call him Oliver Henry. Besides, no one else in my family know his real name. They call him Livvy. I don't want to say why, but I guess I should, huh?!  Well, we go him from the Humane Society and they wrote on the forms that he was a female cat! So none of us bothered to look, after all, these were so called professionals. They should know the sex of a cat, right? Well they didn't.

The day we got him we named him Olivia Sapphire. Then, when the vet told us that he was a boy, I immedietly changed the name (in private) to Christian Oliver Henry.  There Carnation.  Now you have everything you ever wanted to know about our cat and then some, huh?

Well good day. Sayonnarah.