Dearest Carnation, Hello!  It's been yet another completely exciting day at [school]!  I'm sure you can see that I'm being sarcastic.

I acted like complete idiot.  I really did!  I do everyday. I can't help it. I act like a total bubble head. Okay. An airhead. Does that sound better? I don't know if everyone thinks I'm naturally weird or if I'm just trying to be cute, or what!

I got so made at Connor today. We (me and Liz) wrote a note and we were writing, like about acting and stuff and it was just really embarrassing stuff. So Liz got mad at Connor and, I don't know, she just threw the note at him. So he picked it up and we begged and pleaded for him to give it back and not read it, but of course he wouldn't listen so he went downstairs to the men's restroom  and S followed and they read it!  Can you believe it?!

It made me so mad I threw my Capri Sun at the wall.  I expected it to bounce back, or just hit the floor or something. Instead, it ripped open and juice came out in all directions! By the way, this was in the girl's restroom and that's were everyone keeps their jackets, book,  and bags. I really don't know why we don't use our lockers like normal people but we don't.  So anyways, the juice got all over everything.. the mirror, the counter, the floor, people's bags and papers and even on someone's leather jacket! As I cleaned up the mess with paper towels, I was so scared. Trust me, it was a huge mess.

Anyways, luckily me and Liz were the only people in there.  We were cracking up.  We were laughing so hard I almost fell on the sticky floor.  Oh, the funniest was when it was time to change for P.E.  Naturally, we changed in the bathroom and people were like, "It smells like raspberries or something."

They were also walking in their stocking feet on the sticky floor.  It was hilarious.  They were like, "The floor is sticky!"  We (me and Liz and Missy) were just dying laughing. (We told Missy.)

For P.E. we played Sex Specific Basket Ball.  That's what Mr. M calls girls against girls on one court and guys against guys on the other.  It's not very much fun. I mean, it's so disorganized and everyone is so violent. Today I got pushed alot, got my finger jammed twice and get scratched in the eye once by Holly.  (It still hurts!)  Me and Liz and Tara spent most of the game not playing.

I still have no idea of Evan likes me or if he'll ask me to the banquet. Sometimes I think he does, but then I realize that's how he acts around everyone else too.  I'm sure he thinks of me only as a friend, a friend who's really strange!

Most guys don't like me. They think I'm too weird.  Last year in Portland, I had alot of friends that were guys. Of  course, I wasn't friends with all of them. There was a group of them that hated my guts and weren't at all shy about letting me know either!  I think the reason they hated me was because in 7th grade one of them asked me to the banquet.  I said I would think about it and I did. For two days all he did was follow me throughout the school asking if I'd made my desision yet. It made me so mad how he kept bugging me that once, I yelled really loudly, "NO!" Then I stomped down the hall to get away.

Later that day, he had the nerve to ask me again.  At that, I said I'd made my decision and No I would not go with him.  If he would have just left me alone for a few hours, I probably would have accepted.

Ever since then, him and all his friends hated me and during P.E. they would purposely bomb me with basketballs. I got so mad I had one of my guy friends tell them to leave me alone.

I always have been a wimp. For some reason, I can't seem to take care of myself. My friends always have to do it for me. That's why I hate going to skating rinks.  I always get in trouble. There is always some girl threatening to "kick my ass" or some pervert guy who follows me around the whole place saying sick stuff to me, and last, but certainly not least, some kid who sends out about a million spies to bug me and ask if I'll couple skate with him. I just can't handle all these pressures.  I refuse to go to a skating rink unless it's a church get-together type thing.

Tara says for her birthday she is going to have me, Liz, and Lacey over to go skating. I'm scared.  I really am. I tried to protest but she says that we can beat them up and Evan was standing there and said something like I should shoot them or something. Sometimes I don't understand what he says but I laugh anyways.

Well, gotta go!


Love hug kiss    Talk at you later (Lucky u!)