(This is the first in what might become a collection of posts where I yammer on about Goodreads.  The good and bad of it as I see it.)

I notice a lot of this on Goodreads:  "I wish I could have given this [x] and a half stars."

Um, people?  That makes no KOMO 4'ing sense.

Goodreads doesn't leave room for interpretation.  That's one of the things I like about it.

1 = I didn't like it.
2 = It was okay.
3 = I liked it.
4 = I really liked it.
5 = It was amazing.

What would a half a rating even look like?  Especially a 3.5?  "I was exactly halfway between liking it and really liking it"?


Sometimes, I find myself wanting to respond to every comment about the desire for half ratings, asking them to elaborate on what it would really mean for them.  I did it once.  Not, like, in a rude way or anything.  I was friendly.  But I think it would be cool if people would understand and use the rating system the way Goodreads was set up, you know?  FOR CONSISTENCY'S SAKE.