My first ever publishing deadline is exactly two weeks from today.  September 30th.  That's the day, according to my contract, when I'm supposed to turn in my revised manuscript.

I. Still. Don't. Have. My. Revision. Notes.

My agent says it's okay.  I don't have to worry.  My delivery date is "very soft" and my editor is going to give me all the time I need because the hold up here has everything to do with what's going on with her schedule and nothing to do with me. 

Still, secretly (well, not anymore), I've been hoping to beat the deadline.  I wanted to, like, work like crazy, be up all hours, go mad with writerly passion, completely rock my revisions, and get the finished product sent back perhaps mere hours before it was due.

As the days go on, that scenario is becoming less and less realistic.  I'm covering for a coworker's vacation this week.  Then I'm running my second ever 5K race on Saturday.  Then I'm flying to Vegas for my sister's wedding for three days.  Then I'm coming back to work next Wednesday to try to catch up on my own work stuff as well as cover for a coworker's jury duty. 

Every time I look at the calendar, I mentally plan the moments when revising could still take place.  Every time I see that I have a new email, my heartrate speeds up and I think, Are the notes here?  Are they here yet??????

This is my life right now.