John Green posted last month about book reviews and discussed whether how much one likes a book is the best determination of whether a book is good.

On Goodreads, how much one likes a book is precisely what one is meant to evaluate.  And for some books, in some situations, maybe that isn't the best test. 

There's a book I read not too long ago, which I discussed with at lunch the other day.  I have complaints about the style, think the pacing could have been improved, and find the premise and almost every character in the book beyond vile

But I'm torn.  I can't decide whether to give it one star or five stars on Goodreads.

1 star = I didn't like it 
5 stars = It was amazing

The definition of "amazing" according to is "causing great surprise or sudden wonder." 

And, well, that is pretty indicative of how I feel about this book (not, I hasten to add, in a good way).  And also?  I didn't like it.

So, you see, somehow both of these ratings options are similtaneously true about my feelings for this book.  I didn't care for it.  I even loathed parts of it.  And, yet, it has stuck with me.  It has given me a lot to consider, not only as a writer, but as, you know, a woman/USian/human. 

This book that I don't like has broadened my perspective.  Pretty amazing, huh?

(Yes, yes.  I know that I could stop being lazy and write actual reviews to explain my choice of numbers.  But even doing that wouldn't help me with my dilemma of which number describes how I feel the most toward this book.)