My eyes are dilated right now and I can't see much of anything.  Particularly not anything typed.  In fact, I stopped at the store after my eye appointment to pick up some cold medicine and food, but I couldn't read anything on the packages, so I became frustrated and left empty handed.  (I'll fix any typos here later.)

But!  I just wanted to tell you all, one of my crit partners from about a year and a half ago has a YA that came out from Viking this month.  His name is John C. Ford.  The book is THE MORGUE AND ME.  John mailed me a signed copy which I just pulled out of my mailbox.  After about a full minute of holding the book out in front of me at various lengths and angles, I spotted what appears to be my name on the acknowledgments page.  Yes, it is my name!


How awesome is that?  I am so excited and so touched.  I cannot wait to dive in and read this book again.  It was a pleasure the first time.  I am looking forward to seeing how it's changed since the draft I read!

Now I just have to wait for my eyes to get back to normal so I can do that!