(teasingly) chastised me in the comments of my last post because I was squeeing about finding my name on the acknowledgments page of THE MORGUE AND ME, but had not reacted similarly to my name being in the acknowledgments of PRADA & PREJUDICE. The reason for that is because I hadn't actually known about being mentioned in P&P when I made that post!

But now I have the evidence before me:



Oh, and here's what my name looks like in John's book:


Two very different books with one thing in common: My name in the acknowledgments!


Well, okay. Maybe more than one thing. They are both YA debuts for June 2009, and I enjoyed both of them very much!

Seriously, I could so get used to this whole reading-published-novels-that-were-once- manuscripts-that-I-critiqued thing.

Keep bringing it on, y'all.