My title has to be changed.  Immediately! 

My agent told me this: 

Liesa was wondering about whether you’d be open to brainstorming new title ideas before listing the sale. She’s thinking that she’d love to see something that feels a little punchier. Her comparison was EXIT HERE—evocative, memorable, and brief. Her concern is that SCRATCHING AT THE 8-BALL could have too many meanings and might be too verbose.

So you see, my PubMarketplace announcement is being held hostage until I come up with something acceptable! 

I asked for clarification of whether "8-Ball" is out of the picture completely because of the drug reference, or if maybe something like "Behind the 8-Ball" could work since it's an idiom that means the same thing I was going for with "Sat8B." Although, I expect that the answer is going to be that I should stay away from 8-balls entirely. 

And there go of my visions of the awesomest awesome cover of all time!

Anyhow, if anyone has evocative, memorable, and brief title suggestions for me, I would LOVE to hear them!