It can be amusing to watch movies that were once filled with expletives, but that television station peeps have dubbed with everyday words. To me, the new words stick out way more than the originals. I suppose that it's because I don't have a problem with profanity most of the time. And I don't have children.

Some of the memorable dubs I've heard are these:

-- 12 MONKEYS. In a TV version, Brad Pitt consistently said, "TV!" in place of the eff word. It was very, very weird.

-- MALLRATS. In the original dialogue, Jason Lee said (in crude terms) that his girlfriend broke up with him because he passed gas while she was down near that area. In the censored version, the slang was changed to something even more appalling: "What can I say, I was feeling very relaxed, when I'm relaxed I throw up." CAN YOU IMAGINE?!!!!!

-- DIE HARD: WITH A VENGEANCE.   Samuel L. Jackson called Bruce Willis a "melon farmer." Which was so unexpected that my husband and I laughed for several minutes straight after we heard it. We've since adopted into our everyday conversations.

Several months ago, we came up with our own wacky slang while watching some television show. During commercials, the station's news anchors kept advertising with one- and two-liners about what you could expect to see if you "Tune in to KOMO 4 at eleven!"   The male anchor seemed especially smug about the prospect of telling us more deets about some gristly murder, so Dwayne yelled at the TV, "Why don't you just go KOMO 4 yourself?"

After I stopped laughing, I commented that "KOMO 4" would be great for movie dubbing because unlike "frick," "frak," and "fug," it is unrecognizable as any specific obscenity in the English language. 

Here's Neko (who is, by far, my most sarcastic cat) to demonstrate how she has incorporated "KOMO 4" as a slang term into her vocabulary:

Photobucket Photobucket

Ah, Neko.  Isn't she just a ray of sunshine?

Using "KOMO 4" was awkward at first (three syllables!), but it has gradually made it's way into my heart and vocabulary. 

And now I've shared it with you all in the hopes that it will enrich your life the way it has mine!  xoxo