My new online class hasn't been very active so far. Which is... fine. It kind of takes the pressure off. If everyone else isn't giving amazing feedback, I don't feel so much pressure to do the same. Of course, overachiever that I am, I'm still giving feedback to everyone. I don't know why I'm like this. Actually, I do know. It's that whole "do unto others" thing. Feedback is like crack to me. I give the crack to others so they'll give me some in return.

(Hmmm. Yeah. The crack simile doesn't really work. Because with real crack, you can simply keep it for yourself and it will produce the same effect as if someone else had given it to you. That isn't the case with feedback for writing!)

Anyway, I just did some quick math. My comments make up 19.55 percent of all the comments posted so far. There are fourteen people using this board! I am only one of them! I am 19.55 percent! Is that annoying? How could it be, though? I'm passing out delicious crack!