I received this feedback from a classmate.  I don't understand a word she just said.

Any guesses what it might mean?  (I did ask her for clarification, but she didn't respond.)

Hi Mindi, I think your character is charmly cute. I think you have the right things going for you! Transition is always a tough pill to swallow. In the beginning you have completed you shopping. You go to line up with Dad at register. Easy to follow so far. See Brandy. Heart lurches like new driver of stickshift as you do a u-turn down personal care isle.
The subject is still YOU "driving" your cart and its easier to follow what you are doing. The other way takes you down a bumpy road throwing you off course, I think. Well, that's my opinion. Thoughts get handed gently to next visual for reader through transitions. Who or what's the subject? what does subject need to accomplish with the scene? Why have the scene?
I don't always "see" this in my writing so don't think I'm Miss Perfect here, okay? Nice start!
Hope this pointer helps.

Eh....?  She doesn't like my stick shift simile?  She can't follow the action?  She thinks the scene is pointless?  Or... what?