I am having a heart attack over here. Every time I get a new email with the words "Re:.. THE FAKE MCCOY" in the subject line, my heart starts up because I know it's either good news or bad news. And when I see the sender's name, the stakes can go up, up, up because it might be an answer on a partial or full!

Tuesday, I queried an agent. Wednesday, she requested that I email the full. So, I did. Just now, I got another email from her.

Now, from having checked out Verla's response times, I wasn't expecting to hear from her for at least a month. What could this mean? She loved it? She hated it? Either way, the answer was going to be right there when I clicked!!!!!!

Hi Mindi, Thanks for sending it! It arrived safely, and I hope to get back to you soon.

Cue the sound effect for all the air being let out of a Mindi-sized balloon. (Or whatever.)

That wasn't good news. That wasn't bad news. That was no news!

My brain thinks that was totally kind and professional of her let me know she got it. My adrenaline-filled body hasn't quite recovered from the experience, though.