I was going to write an outline today, but I had to get my hair cut at 10:45 am. You see, I've been growing my hair out with the intention of having it get super, super long. I haven't had it trimmed since that time the power went out at my house (and therefore my computer was out of service) in November or something. The problem is that my hair is really fine, and has no damage from chemicals. It's very, very healthy. Which means it just hangs there looking stupid and ugly! I have never been so tired of having to look at a person as I have been of myself lately. Before my appointment, I needed to pick up a print job from FedEx/Kinkos, deposit a check at the bank, return a DVD to a video store all the way on Aurora(!), and take some packages to the post office for mailing. The first two things went without a hitch. Then I got to the video store and realized I'd brought only an empty case. The DVD was still at home in the machine. I yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Then I drove home to get it. My next stop was the post office. Once there, I realized I'd brought along my big pre-addressed envelope, an SASE, and the printed manuscript (still in the car from the print shop trip, naturally), but I had no cover letter. Not only that, I hadn't even typed the letter. Oops. So, I went back home and did that. By then, I had only ten minutes until my appointment, so I had to rush over.

I got only an inch or two taken off the length of my hair overall, but she added a bunch of layers around my face for more movement and less ugliness. A few pieces are now chin-length. The longest part in the back hits just under the band of my bra. I bought some Product and cocoa conditioner. Oh, and some older lady in the salon came over while my hair was being styled and said, "Your hair is beautiful. I've been watching her comb it out and it's just gorgeous." Hooray!

Since I was feeling so much less ugly, I went to Nordstrom in a fine mood and looked at Privo shoes. Then I bought, er, two pair. I would love to link you to a picture, but I can't find them online. Oh, wait! I have a camera!


This is my entire Privo collection. Someday, I would like to have many, many more. I'm not really a shoe person AT ALL, but I bought those brown and black ones for my birthday last year and I adore them. I'm hooked on Privos. Looking at photos of them online is like my version of looking at porn. Well, sort of. So, the two newest ones are the white pair and the stone pair. Same style, slightly different colors. I'm not sure that I totally needed both, but they were on sale ($50 instead of the usual $80), so it seemed crazy NOT to get them. You know? And I'll definitely be getting some use out of them.

Then I went to Clinique and had the girl put makeup on me. The stipulation I gave her was that she couldn't use anything like what I usually wear (which I described to her - I'm all about neutrals in my Regular Life). In the end, I didn't look drastically different, but I do have purple eyeshadow and liner and new shiny lip gloss. And she gave me a sample of green eyeshadow for free!

After all that, I did finally drop off the DVD and send my stuff off at the post office. I got zero work done on my outline today, but somehow I feel great anyway. Every once in a while it is nice to treat myself out of the blue.

Here's me, standing in front of my shower curtain, making a weird face so you can see my eye makeup: Photobucket

And here I am making a weird face just because I am getting less photogenic as I get older:

Photobucket My hair is much longer than these photos would have you believe. That's the problem with having to take pictures of myself with a crappy camera.

Bonus Meow Pic! Niña sleeping with all my Privos...