l just e-queried and received a full request from an agent I met at the conference in April!  HOORAY!  

But, um.  I'm a little confused about her response:

hi mindi,

i do remember liesa introducing us! will be pleased to have a look. send two ways: one as a word doc attachment; the other, hardcopy w/SASE to address below.

Then her signature line with the address follow.   Since it doesn't say "send one of these two ways," I'm thinking she truly wants it in both formats.  

Do you suppose this is true?  I've never had an agent ask for it both ways before.  (I know; I can just ask for clarification when I e-mail the Word attachment.  I probably will do so.  But I just wanted to get an idea of whether I'm way off on my assumption and will sound silly asking that!)

Edit:  I found a post on the Blue Boards where someone was wondering this exact thing about this agent.  I PM'd her to see if she ever got clarification. 

Edit #2:  The person I PM'd says, yes, she asked the agent for clarification.  The agent did want it in both formats.  I guess I get to place another order to FedEx/Kinkos!