Just so you know upfront: This was only a dream!  This did not really happen.

This morning I dreamed I got a call from an agent.  There were Phone Issues, so I couldn't quite make out everything she was saying (including her name), but I thought she was asking it if was a good time to call.  I said, "Yes, this is fine!  I'm free to talk now."

She said, "Oh.  You want me to do this over the phone?  Fine.  Well, your manuscript is terrible."

I giggled, knowing she was teasing me.  Because what kind of agent takes the time to call someone up to reject their manuscript, right?  Then I waited during a long silence for her to take it back, and tell me the real reason for the call.  When she didn't speak, I finally said, "I'm sorry.  What?"

"Your manuscript is terrible," she said.  "I don't know what else to tell you."

Then she hung up!

Wow.  What a great confidence-booster with which to start my day.  Thanks for that, subconscious!