For all the writing I've been doing about writing lately, you'd think I'd be making some progress or something.  Not so.  At least, not tangibly.  I did write a portion of a scene in Neko's voice on Thursday at work, though.  Until I was interupted with work tasks a few minutes later.

Oddly, those first words were written in present tense.  I've never used present tense.  I mean, sometimes I'll map out scenes that way when I'm taking notes ("Then Neko opens the door and says...").   And, of course, I've used it for all synopsis writing.  But I've always used past tense while writing in a character's actual voice.  

Maybe it came out that way because the last thing I read was something which 

 wrote in present tense?  In any case, I'm going to give it a try, I think.  I might change my mind quickly and switch to past tense.  But maybe not!

Sidenote:  Does anyone know how I can avoid the extra line break when I use the lj-user button in rich text?  I try to take it out manually, but it just puts itself in again.