I'm stalled with my writing.  


That sure didn't take long.  

What I'm finding is that this new story just will not WORK.  The characters and the backstory I've created are interesting (or so I think), but, it just doesn't make sense.  There are too many things that don't fit.  I kept hoping that the more I got into it, the more I'd be able to work out these kinks.  But the thing I can't get around right now is the main character's motivation and philosophy.  It's... inconsistent and irrational.  You know, similar to what a real person might be like, but completely unbelievable in a fictional character.  I keep trying to force her to be something else to fit the story, but obviously that won't work.

I absolutely cannot move forward knowing that my concept falls apart this easily.  And after racking my brain for so many hours, days, and weeks, I can't come up with anything that can make it make sense.  And when I think about trying to write this story with another character, I find that it sounds really unappealing.   And then I don't want to write it after all.  

I hate to be such a downer, but I am SO FRUSTRATED.

I receive an email notice today about a writer's retreat thingy to take place in the fall.  Unfortunately, the material they intend to cover has to do with finding and honing your voice.  Voice is not my problem.  Characters are not my problem.  My problem is hook.  My problem is plot.  I have all these characters floating around and I know I can learn their voice with relative ease.  If only I could find a decent story to put them in!