Agents contacted:  31
Total number of fulls sent:  4
Rejections of fulls:  2
Fulls I'm waiting to hear back on:  2
Rejections of queries:  9
Requests for partials:  1* 
Queries I haven't heard back on yet:  18
Number of weeks since my first queries for this ms. went out:  5

*I wasn't able to send it, unfortunately.  Turns out there was a mix-up with the agency online form.  One agent requested the full.  Days later, another in that office requested the partial

The good news on this list is contained in the second line and the last one.  In five weeks, I've been able to send the full out to four agents!  That's good stuff!    

But the rest of it is all rather depressing to me.  I always knew this was going to be a situation where the voice/style/story wouldn't be everyone's thing.  I guess I was just hoping it would be someone's thing from the onset.  Deep down, I was wishing for a best-case scenario.  

I know.  I'm getting way ahead of myself with this whine-fest.  But since it's what I'm feeling right now, I needed to write about it.