I've been seeing this meme all over.  So, now I shall partake.  My list will be much shorter than most, I expect.  I used to be all about short stories in my younger years.  (If I only included COMPLETED novels, it would be a list of two.  So, I'm including my abandoned manuscripts as well.)

1.  SIMPLE AND STRIKING.   (Literary fiction.  Limited 3rd person.  November 2003.)  
This was my first (and only, now that I think about it)  NaNo attempt.  It's the story of a 21-year-old girl married to an abusive spoiled rich guy.  She is naive and falls in love with a stoner.  (While she's married!)  She and her love go to lots of concerts and clubs together and kiss and get high and stuff.  There is a recurring theme involving epiphanies.  It's intense and depressing.  I never finished it.  At the time, I thought the most interesting thing about it was the format.  The scenes were coming at you backward and sideways and all out of order as the MC was making her epiphanies.  I thought it would be a trip for readers to try to piece it all together.  Now I'm thinking... not so much.

2.  Untitled.  (Fantasy.  Omniscient.  Winter (?) 2004.)  
An enchanting tale involving a portal to a new dimention, a run-away 17-year-old female stripper (stripping illegally, of course) from this 21st Century, a devastatingly handsome Chosen One (although he is on the side of evil at first and doesn't know his important role) who will fall in love with her, magical jewels embedded in folks' skin which gives them powers, a Very Romantic Sex Scene (never written.  It came to me in a dream), and a murderous would-be-rapist for a villain.  This one is lost and gone forever.  I had it saved on my laptop and my husband reformatted the hard drive or some such nonsense a few years ago.  I cried when I found out, even though I never had plans to come back to it.

3.  FADED AS MY JEANS.  (YA.  1st person.  October 2004 - June 2005.  Revised October - Dec. 2005.)   My first completed novel.   The story of 15-year-old Carah Greene who is obsessed with Janis Joplin and is searching for the truth about her father who has been out of her life since she was five years old.  In the meantime, she chases and is chased by boys, learns to drive, excels in art, and gets over her fear of letterman's jackets. (Heee!)  Also, there is an alcohol-poisoning storyline for no good reason!  *sigh*  But it was my first finished novel, so there will always be a special place in my heart for it.

4.  MEOW SISTERS.  (YA.  Alternating 1st person.  June - October 2005.  Then January and February 2006.)  This is the story of Cat and Neko, whose lives are turned upside down when they learn as teenagers that they are only half-sisters.  Their mother had a long-ago affair and kept it a secret!  Neko is a science genius who is also precocious and... promiscuous.  Cat has an inferiority complex and a manipulative, pathological liar for a boyfriend.  There is sibling rivalry galore.  I've quite honestly thought about revisiting this one.  If I did, I'd start over and stick with only Cat's POV.  But I do think there is potential here.  

5.  CHANGE MY TOMORROWS.  (YA.  1st person.  March - July 2006.)  The story of River Truesdell whose semi-famous parents and wacky cousins are way more interesting than she is.  This was originally set to take place in a (fictional) tourist town meant to resemble a teeny-tiny piece of Venice.  I've considered revisiting this, too.  But first River needs a personality.  And I'd probably lose the town.  And the cousins.  Uh... yeah. 

6.  THE FAKE MCCOY.  (YA.  1st person.  August 2006 - February 2008.)   You all know this one.   The story of 16-year-old Seth McCoy who is kind of trashy and tragic, but is also attractive and talented as all get-out.  He struggles with his sobriety and intense stage fright while he tries to move past his grief and guilt over the death of a friend.  He also loses his pesky virginity at least once (ha!), and falls in love with a girl who is an even bigger mess than he is.   I absolutely adore him.

7.  Untitled Rosetta story.  (YA.  1st person.  Started April 2008.)  I'm in early stages, but this is a connected story to take place several months after the end of THE FAKE MCCOY.  The mess of a girl mentioned above will be the protag.  I'm very much looking forward to it!