Some time ago, I posted about my confusion - dare I even say disappointment! - in Michael Cera being cast as Nick in the movie adaptation of NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST.  It's nothing against the actor.  It's just that I had a big old crush on Nick while I was reading that book, and I did not picture him anything like Michael Cera.  Not at all.

Since posting about that, I've actually sort of developed a tiny crush on Michael Cera from his roles in SUPERBAD and JUNO.  (Mostly his character Evan in SUPERBAD, because [NOT EXACTLY A PLOT SPOILER DUE TO VAGUE PHRASING] in of one of the scenes near the end, he really wants something, but he doesn't follow through because it isn't the right choice under the circumstances.  I loved him in that scene!  So sweet!)   He still isn't Nick to me, but maybe his performance will blow me away and I'll change my mind later.

So, the other day, I read YOUTH IN REVOLT by C.D. Payne.  (Sidenote:  I'm not sure if I would actually recommend this book to anyone.  I did enjoy a good portion of it and I don't regret having read it, but it was like bad chick-lit for boys with all the hi-jinx.  If you like dirty books (I do) and don't mind wacky-smart dialogue that rarely a real fourteen year old would utter along with tons upon tons of unrealistic situations, this might be the book for you!)  Afterward, I learned that Michael Cera has been cast as Nick Twist in the coming movie adaptation of YOUTH IN REVOLT.  

What the...!

YA novels into movies + Characters named Nick = Michael Cera?

Ha!  But I actually approve of this choice.  I think he'll be a great Nick Twisp!  I expect they'll be bumping the character's age up, though.  I don't think he can quite pass as fourteen!