I was just in the bathroom putting on mosturizer and stuff when I had a Major Plot Revelation for my manuscript. I've come to the conclusion that I have too many events unfolding in scenes instead of summed up in narrative. (A strange problem to have, I know.) If things keep going as they are, my manuscript will be close to 70,000 words! My instructor says that is fine at this point. I should be writing all of it and then ruthlessly cutting after I'm done and I can see what I don't need. Still, I've been peeking through my outline trying to think of scenes to cut. I can't help myself!

Naturally, this brings me to my Major Plot Revelation mentioned in the first sentence of this post. A Very Important Conversation between the Love Interest and the Protag takes place in scene 29 of 53. They later rehash this conversation and expand on it in scene 38. It occured to me that it will have more impact and meaning if they don't have the original conversation in scene 29.

And so, I can cut a scene (which was originally seven pages and, like, 2,000 words) AND make the whole manuscript stronger at the same time. Yay! I got so excited I felt almost sick. (You know that feeling, right?)