When I started this manuscript, it was 2006. I used a 2007 calendar for my story, thinking I'd be done before 2007 got too far underway. (Ha!) Seth's story has always been in the future for me. But now, my life is finally catching up to the dates where his story starts. The first scene took place September 1, 2007 (although I don't mention the year in the story, so readers won't know that). I am currently working on a scene that takes place September 10th - which was yesterday.

It was sort of weird being at work all day yesterday, being able to look at the clock and know exactly what Seth would be doing if he was a real person and my story was a real account of his life. While I was eating lunch in the sun with my boss, he was in class. While I was getting on the city bus heading from the office to the clinic, he was having a discussion/argument with Rosetta in his school parking lot.

And I don't have to guess what the weather would have been like for him anymore because I'm experiencing it myself. It will be interesting when I get to October 13th to see if the big storm I wrote in is going to happen.