An agent who sent me a really nice rejection a few months ago contacted me today out of the blue. He had this to say:

Did I read on your blog that you’re working on a second YA manuscript and aren’t yet repped? If so, definitely try me on the new ms. – every editor I’m lunching with lately seems to be looking for literary/ coming of age and I think that’s something you can do … :)

By the way, you should become writing buddies with my client [Name]– she also lives in Seattle, and does really cute YA with paranormal elements …[blog address]

Best, [Male Agent]

I wrote back and said that he's on the top of my list to query when the manuscript is complete and that I'm aiming toward a full draft by the end of the year.

He then wrote back and said he would like to see an outline or synopsis as soon as I have one ready!

That's really, really great news, right?

I mean, isn't it?