At this moment in time, I am very upset. I think I am going to kill someone. (Not really.) I think that that person will be Mrs. [string of the most vulgar cuss words ever] [+Dylan's last name]. I hate that woman so much. I want to [violent description laced with more vulgarity]. She is a [string of all new vulgar cuss words].


Sorry about wasting a page there, but I am pissed. If she were here, I would [do two extremely graphic and violent descriptions of revenge].


Okay, it's been about an hour now. I have calmed down considerably. I don't want to do those evil things to Dylan's mom now.

I know she is only doing this for Dylan's own good--to make sure he doesn't have a kid while he still is one. She is doing it for the right reasons, but she is going about it all wrong. I think she just needs to sit down and actually talk to Dylan. Then she would realize he isn't some scummy guy who would make these huge, stupid mistakes like she thinks he would. He's a good guy. He's the best kind of person.

But she obviously isn't going to give him a chance. That's what I'm still mad about. Of course, I'm also pissed about her treating me like a piece of crap.

Oops. I just realized that I never told you what she did. That might be handy.

Well, she went and had a chat with Dylan's homeroom teacher and told her to make sure that Dylan and I don't talk to each other anymore. Not at all. After school, during breaks, during lunch. None of that. I still don't know if [Teacher] will make sure to enforce that, but that isn't the point. How could she even ask for that in the first place? I mean, who does she think she is?

If she keeps  this crap up, Dylan is just going to start sneaking around. That's the saddest thing. When parents are too strict, the kids are just going to do the stuff that their parents are against to get back at them. If parents would set just SOME restrictions instead of being in their faces all the time, the kids would be less apt to find the need to do that stuff. Anyway, that's my opinion. It obviously isn't hers.

I think it's time I got on a more pleasant topic. Tomorrow I'm going to Liz and Lacey's. I'll be staying for Halloween and stuff. I'm not sure what exactly we're going to do. I know I'll be meeting Lacey's new boyfriend and bunch of other people that are friends of theirs at the public high school. We are also going to a fall festival or something.

It's about time for me to close, but I want to say that I really do love Dylan. That's why it hurts so much that his mother keeps trying to break us up. I'm never going to get that kiss now. How depressing. But it's all going to be over soon, I assume.