Dear Carnation, Today was the last day of school and alot has happened.  I asked Curt to the banquet and he said yes, so we went.  (I wore my white dress, by the way.)  There were five couples for the banquet. Everyone else went stag.  It was pretty fun.

There was a time in her that Curt and me were having problems and kept fighting and all that crap.  We are quite over that now.

We have been going together for exactly a month today.  I just had to tell you.

Me and Liz had a really big fight which we wouldn't speak to eachother for over 24 hours.  We are all over that now, though.  Thank goodness.

On May 30, me, my mom, my sister, and about 14 other people got baptized into the Tacoma South Side Church.  Sara had a slumber party that weekend and I went over after my baptism. It was pretty fun.

Gary got married a few weeks ago.  It was an okay wedding.  Nothing fancy.

Last night was Curt's 8th grade graduation.  He looked so cute in his new outfit.  He said he didn't want to look at me during the graduation because I kept making him laugh.  Mikey was in the front row and he farted during the graduation!

Afterward, Curt's whole family went out for icecream and they invited me so I went.  He has a nice family.  When it was time to go, me and Curt hugged for the first time.  We've never held hand, kissed, nothing--until that moment--we hugged.  auggh.  Don't jump to high out of your seat.  It was nice though.

Today, being that it was the last day of school, everyone was upset.  There was a lot of people crying.  I even cried -- 3 times.  The first time I was telling Curt - of all the guy I've ever liked, I cared about him the most.  It was my day of confessions to him today.

Then I cried when I said good-bye to Liz.  I don't know why.  We are going to be seeing each other this summer and stuff.

The last time I cried was when I said good-bye to [the school secretary]. She is such a sweet lady.  I'm really going to miss her next year.

I said my good-byes to everyone.  I was said when I did to Brandon.   I told him a few weeks ago that I love him and he's like a big brother to me.  I am really gonna miss him next year - alot.

I walked Curt to the bus for the last time today.  I was depressed.  Next year he's going to boarding school so I won't see him.  The hilarious thing that happened was when the bus pulled up Curt cam over and gave me a hug. Then we just stood there, holding each other -- and as we stood there, the bus drove away.  Ha-ha-ha-ha.  It was funny.  I started laughing so hard that I fell on the ground.  He had to catch a later bus.

I'm glad it ended that way, though, with something funny.  Otherwise I would probably be depressed right now.  It reminds me of that Big Red gum commercial where the people are kissing and their ride leaves them.

Carnation, I just love him so much. I really do.  I don't want to ever let him go.  I know things between us can never be the same.  I wish he would just stay one more year to be with me.

I should probably go now.  It's almost eleven o'clock.