Hello Carnation, Today is Friday so tomorrow I'll be going to church. This day, however, was pretty uneventful. Curt never really talked to me.  We do sit in the same assigned desk in Mr. M's classroom, so he wrote "Hi Mindi" on it so that I'd see it later in the day.   It was quite personal, as you can see.

He is so weird, so cute, and so annoying. I am getting impatient for him to ask me to the banquet. I hope he does, and if so, I hope he hurries up.

People say Mr. M teases him about me sometimes.

It seems like Curt isn't going to make the first move. I wish he would, but he's just so shy! The thing is, I don't want to ask him to the banquet.  It seems more, I don't know, special if he were to ask me. Do you understand?  Besides, he must not want to go with me too bad if he won't even ask me himself.

I have such low self-confidence sometimes that I still wonder if this is all a game.  Like, him and everyone just want me to get my hopes up. I know I shouldn't think like that, but sometimes I do.

By the way, I found out that his middle name is "Becker." I don't know what the hell kind of name that is, but oh well.  When he first told me, I thought he said - well, I'm sure you can imagine what I thought he said. So I thought he was making a joke.  I said, "What's your middle name?"

So he repeated himself. When I realized that he was serious, I felt stupid.  Oh well.

He is so strange. Today he was breaking crayons and throwing them at little children in the hall. By the way, my new word is "odd." I use it all the time. So he really is "odd." HA-HA.

Another by the way, I guess you could say I'm kindof over Christian Slater for now. I still think he's an awesome actor, but I don't have a crush on him anymore. (Not I have more of the real thing, if you want to call it that.)  If I get mad at Curt, I decided that I'll need someone to fall back on, so I'm keeping all my Christian Slater magazine articles and pictures.

Oh!  I just wish Curt was more open. If we ever do have conversations, just the two of us, I'm usually the one who has to think of stuff to talk about. Otherwise we'd probably end up sitting there in an uncomfortable silence, neither one speaking. I'd die of bordom if that happened.

Carnation, I wish you could talk so you could tell me what to do.

I read a profile on Virgos (I'm almost positive that's his sign) and my word! It fit him completely.

Gotta go!