Hello Carnation, I know it's been awhile since I wrote in here, but I have not had anything of major importance to write about.  Now I do.

I guess I'll start at the beginning.  Well, I really like Curt. We actually talk to each other and have become friends. Friday, February 21, I was going to Liz and Lacey's (along with Tara) and we all had to ride the bus.  That was great because Mikey and Curt were all going to be riding.  We got on the first bus that stops at the library.

The first thing I did was make a fool of myself. I saw that everyone else was dropping quarters into the money slot and I thought you could not use 2 dimes and a nickel.  Dumb, huh?  Well it was my first time on a city bus.

The bus ride was fun except for Mikey kept making rude comments to Curt about me.  For example, if I ever opened my mouth, he would poke Curt and say, "You idiot. There was your chance."  What he meant, I assume, was that Curt should have kissed me.  Also, he kept making comments like, "Oooh, Curt.  She's opening her legs." Some of it was really sick.  Mikey can be soooo rude sometimes.

Then we went to the park.  It was great.  Well, at first it wasn't.  Mikey was spraying hairspray and using a lighter on it.   But then of course Tara had to butt in our fun and she took the lighter away and threw it across the street. It was rude.  So Liz and Lacey were mad at her and went to sit over on this statue.  I went over there and then Mikey and Curt and Tara did.  Then all of them left Curt and me alone together.

It was great.  It really was.  The two of us just sat there together and talked about everything.  He was such a sweetheart I didn't want to have to leave him.  But our bus came and Liz, Lacey, Tara, and I have to leave Curt and Mikey.

I was so happy on the bus ride home.  I must have spent the whole time talking about Curt.  It was getting on Liz's nerves.  I could tell.

The next morning we went to church.  That was uneventful.  After church, Liz and I spent a completely boring afternoon at Michelle's where we got everything ready for a surprise birthday party for Tara.  I was so excited because I knew Curt was going to be there.

He was the first to arrive.  But after he'd been there a total of 30 seconds, Mikey and a whole bunch of other people drove up and Mikey started in on me the moment he stepped out of him dad's car.  He said a bunch of embarring stuff to Curt and me as usual, and that put me in a bad mood.  The truth is, it bugs me a little, but mostly it just bugged me to see Curt that embarrassed.  I don't want him to get alot of heat because of me, you know.  It makes me feel so guilty even though I know it's not my fault.

So the party started and I was mad at Mikey for being so mean to Curt and I was mad at Tara because she was being a bitch. Sorry, but she was.  So I was in a terrible mood and everyone knew it.

Then we had to play this game where everyone would pick a person and ask them whatever questions that they wanted.  Someone chose Curt and they were asking him sick questions like, "How far did you go with Missy, Corine, etc."  He was really embarrassed.

I was furious at all those people and I guess that I kind of took it out on Liz, so she was mad at me.  (We finally made up afterward.)  Then someone was asking if Curt liked me.  He was so red after all those questions and I was mad because they wouldn't leave him alone.

Curt's parents were the first to come.  He was so glad to leave that he practically ran out of the house.  I felt awful.  Finally all of the other guests left.  I was glad because I was in an awful mood.  Me, Lacey, Liz, Sam, Tara, Jeremy, and Michelle all stayed after everyone left and played strip spin the bottle.  It sounds corny, I know, but it made me feel better for awhile.

To be continued next week....