Dear Carnation, Well, tomorrow's the day. First I go to Liz's and then on Sunday we are heading up to Whistler.  This is weird.  Something just doesn't feel right about all this.  I can't tell exactly why.  Today three people were absent.  I wish we could just delay this trip for a week or two.  That would make it alot easier.

I have a terrible feeling that I'm going to have too much luggage.  That always seems to happen to me, everytime I go on a trip.  I really hate that.

I'm not even sure whether or not I even want to go on this stupid trip.  Oh well.  Too late now since we already paid and stuff.

Liz told me that Curt told her that he likes me.  I really don't know about that.  Even if he does, I can assure you that it won't last long.  When guys like me they always hang around too much and then I get sick of them and they get sick of me.

I just know that tomorrow I am going to forget something.  This whole idea of this stupid trip is making me nauseas.

Today Connor was teasing me alot.  It was actually quite rude if you want my opinion.

I'm still contemplating whether I should bring this book or not.  If anyone finds it while we're up there, I'll have to commit suicide or something.  In all, this is actually a lame diary but it was be embarrassing if anyone read it anyway.

Today I couldn't keep my mind off Christian Slater.  It's really annoying that some guy  I haven't officially met can be such a pain.  I'll never forget the dream I had about a month or two ago.  It took place at Whistler and I met Christian.  We were stranded in some pit thing for 3 days.  It was dumb, but it was really deep too.  It was weird.  The most memorable part of it was that he told me he loved me.  That was weird because not one person - excluding relatives - has ever told me that.  I actually kind of liked that dream.

I was so proud of him now that he's a director.  I never did want to be an actress till this year and I still do want to be a director.  I always think it's so cool when an actor does become a director because it shows me that it's possible.

Tomorrow we are riding the bus home to Liz's.  I'm kindof worried since I'm going to have all of that luggage and stuff.  That will be embarrassing to have to haul all of that crap with me on the bus.  I probably should stop worrying but I am so stressed out!!  I wish this trip wasn't so close and I wish that I had started packing last year some time to make sure I didn't forget anything.  Oooh!  I am just so worried about this trip!

I should probably get some rest now.  Oh!  I don't want to go on this trip!  I wish I wasn't going at all.  Good Bye Carnation!  See ya later!  I [heart] you!


xo       Auugggh!!