Dear Carnation Hello!  First of all I guess I'll tell you about my biology test. It really wasn't all that hard, but I missed nine! He'll probably curve it about 5 points, so I'll get a B+ or A- I hope. My mistakes were all really dumb stuff that I should have known.  I'm not all that worried about it, though.

Today we got a new seating arrangement in English/Typing.  I was so glad.   I was getting tired of sitting next to Evan.  Sometimes I like him but the rest of the time he just makes me mad.

Now I sit by Connor. That's okay, I guess, but it means that Liz and I will have to be extra careful about any notes we write since he can just read it over my shoulder.

Mrs. [teacher] and Mr. [teacher] both ticked me off today.  First, in Bible, I was asking Liz a question about Bible and heaven forbid, it was during worship.  So he has a cow and tried to make L and I look like fools.  What a jerk!

Then Mrs. made me mad because I was ripping up another old note that I had found and she asks, in front of the class, what I was doing.  So I told her I was ripping up paper.  She had an absolute cow!  She, also, tried to make me look like a fool.  I told Liz that I thought Mrs. was a bitch right in the middle of class.  I'm sure Mrs. heard me but she didn't dare comment.

I hate this school!  It sucks.  I know that's why almost no one is coming back next year.  I mean, of course the tenth graders can't, but alot of the ninth graders aren't either.  I wish that I wasn't.  This school is just so stupid.  I have the teachers. I hate choir here.  I guess I just hate everything about it except for a couple of the kids.

About 3 or 4 days ago I read a book.  It's really long, well, I mean, for what it's about.  It's 250 pages.  It is about how to start a career in acting.  When I read that, I realized for the first time how hard getting an acting job really is. It said that the best ages to start are when you're six or at least 18.  I think I'll go for the last one since I can't exactly re-wind the last eight years of my life!!

This book was really helpful.  Poor Christian Slater's going to have to wait for 4 more years to meet me, at the very least!!  Hopefully, for both our sakes, he remains unmarried until that time!!

Did I ever tell you who my favorite actress is?  Her name is Winona Ryder.  She is really talented and she is cute.  I am really jealous of how good she is.  I was I was as good as she is.

One of the prettiest model/Actresses, in my opinion, is this girl named Milla Jovovich.  I am very jealous of her.  I mean, I think she is beautiful!  She's either 15 or16 and she looks about 25!  She is so pretty.  I wish I was as pretty as she is.  She's been a model since she was probably eleven years old and then she looked at least 18!  She's been in two movies now:  Return to the Blue Lagoon and Kuffs- the newest movie of Christian Slater's!

By the way, that movie comes out tonight!  I'll probably go see it next weekend or something.  It looks hilarious.  It will be my first time seeing Christian Slater on the BIG Screen!

Well, I've got to go.  Maybe I'll write more later okay!