Dear Book, Hello, this is probably about the fifth diary that I've started so hopefully I can keep up.  I am fourteen years old and I'm in 9th grade.  I go to [name redacted] Junior Academy.

I have brown, slightly permed hair.  It has slight red highlights, but I wish it were all red.  Plain brown is so boring.  I really don't know how to describe my eyes.  Some people tell me they are green, some say hazel, one person even said they were gold, but most people say brown.  I am about five foot-two and I weight about 90 pounds.  Alot of times my clothes don't fit me right, especially dresses.

My favorite colors are white, peach, pink, navy blue, and lavender.  I guess I really like all colors, but those are pretty much my favorites.

When I "grow up" I hope to be an actress.   I would love to get started now.  Maybe go to acting schools or get an agent. Most people don't tell me that I'm pretty, they tell me I'm "cute."  I think I would be alot prettier if my hair were longer and curlier and red.

My favorite movie is 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'.  I love that movie.  I especially love Christian Slater.  He is a a wonderful actor and he seems like such a sweetheart.  I could just watch him in a movie or look at pictures of him all day.  I love to talk about him to my friends but all but M think he's weird and that I'm weird for liking him.

The thing about Christian is that he just inspires me.  He is such a great actor but he is also just like a normal guy.  I tell everyone that I'm going to meet him someday and that I'm going to be in a movie with him too, but I'm sure that none of them believe me.  They probably think it's just some wild fantasy.

Right now, I'm really into astrology. I like thinking that my future is written in the stars and all that stuff.  I read a profile on Librans (my sign) and it described me perfectly.  Everything about it was my inner thoughts.  Also, it said the perfect career for me would be acting, so I was definatly glad about that.  I just hope it all works out.

If I ever go into acting I think I'll use my middle name as my last name:  Mindi Rochelle instead of Mindi [maiden name].  Mindi [maiden name] is such a boring name.  The name just kind of sits there.  Mindi Rochelle isn't the most exciting name either but its alot better, you see.

I think I'm going to name this book Carnation. There Book, now you have a name.  Carnation.  Okay?  I've always wanted to name something that.

I got a globe for Christmas.  It's really neat.  I love globes.  This one is kind of a brownish color instead of plain old blue.  (As you can see, I really don't like ordinary things.)

I really should be going to bed now.  It almost one 'clock in the morning!!!  I hope I remember to write in you sometime soon.  Okay, Carnation?  Good night!