On Saturday, July 14th, Dwayne and I ventured up to Mission, British Columbia for the book launch of Denise Jaden's second novel, Never Enough. 

Wait! Quick side note: Last week, Denise did a short interview for me at Michelle's and my blog, WE HAVE WORDS. If you click on this link and leave a comment at the end of that interview, you will be automatically entered to win books galore from a contest Denise is running!

Okay, back to the event! So it was on Saturday and took place at Black Bond Books. Simon & Schuster provided beverages and snacks (including a platter of yummy desserts!). Denise signed books, talked about her inspiration for writing this book and what the process had been like to do so, and read a short except for her crowd of fans. 

Here are a just a couple of pictures that we got:

Denise, reading a first-chapter excerpt. (And apparently, using zoom on my phone's camera makes the pictures smaller?)

Denise and me! (You can't tell, but we're totally both wearing white capri pants in this picture. Because that's how we roll.)

Oh, funny story: One of the employees came up to me and said, "You're Mindi Scott?" She went on to mention that she was familiar with my first book, Freefall, and it was her understanding that I have a second book coming out in October. We chatted for several minutes about books, in general, and the fact that Dwayne and I had met while we both worked at a bookstore ourselves. 

After she walked away, I was in awe and said, "Wow! I can't believe she recognized me like that!"

Dwayne admitted then that it was he who had told her who I was, which made me laugh. I'm still not famous, just as I'd suspected all along. ;-)

Anyway, it was wonderful to see Denise again and great to see her celebrating a book that she worked so hard on. (Which I finished reading this morning, by the way, and LOVED.)

It was also a nice day to take a 5-hour round-trip drive. Dwayne and I had a fun time traveling together through the farm lands, freaking out from all the border patrol on H Street (the longest street IN THE WORLD), and stopping for ice cream and pizza (yes, in that order) on the way home. Hooray for fun times!