Kirkus Star"What makes this more than another 'problem' novel is the author's steadfast refusal to deal in stereotypes and easy answers. [ . . . ] Required reading for anyone who's ever wondered 'why didn't they just tell someone?'" ~ Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

"Scott handles Coley's confusion over her own body's reactions to the assaults and her conflicted love for her abuser with subtlety and sensitivity." ~Publisher's Weekly

"Dramatic without melodrama, this title respectfully examines incest and sexual abuse." ~School Library Journal

"Readers will find themselves utterly compelled as Coley deals with the confusion of hating this forbidden relationship, but feeling betrayed by her own body’s positive reactions." ~VOYA Reviews

“Harrowing, sad, funny, and romantic. I couldn’t put it down.” –Stephanie Perkins, author of Anna and the French Kiss

“Intensely emotional and beautifully crafted, I savored every word.” –Amanda Grace, author of In Too Deep

“An honest and realistic portrayal of what it is to live with secrets and shame.” –Jo Knowles, author of Lessons From a Dead Girl

"Mindi Scott has a real talent for getting inside her protagonist’s head. She sketches out Coley’s story in grand swathes, and then paints in all the little details, so that you feel as though you are enmeshed in Coley’s brain: thinking her thoughts, feeling her confusion, anger, and, in the end, pain. I just don’t think it’s possible to read this book and not identify with Coley in some way." -Amber Benson, actor/writer/director

"I am a very picky person who doesn't like very many things...but I loved this." - Sarah Kuhn, author of One Con Glory

"What I loved most about this book was that it didn't give us the answer. It made us exam our own lives, our own feelings, our own values surrounding family and what love is." -Christa Desir, author of Fault Line

"I absolutely recommend Live Through This by Mindi Scott with all my heart because it is emotional, it’s well written and it provides a much needed survivor perspective that absolutely does not blame the victim." - April, community educator for a domestic violence/rape crisis agency

"I am hoping for many good things for this book, because not only is it a story (too) many people need to hear–it is supremely well-written and does what every good book should do: reveal complicated truths about what it means to be human." –Holly Westlund, bookseller at A Children's Place in Portland, Oregon

"This is not a book for everyone [. . .]  But for the right reader, this is THE book. The one that will change their life." -Jessica at I Read to Relax!

"Live Through This blew me away and shattered my heart . . . Writers who can make me feel so intensely are few and far between, but Mindi Scott has certainly earned a spot on that list. -Andrea at Reading Lark

"What can I possibly say that could sum up how I'm feeling after reading this story? I feel as if words would fail because for the first time in a long time I feel speechless. This book is heart wrenching in the best way." –World of Books

"Coley’s problems aren’t the sort that can be wrapped up neatly with a few hugs and an apologetic conversation. Mindi Scott gives her protagonist resolution, but not necessarily closure, and I found that courageous." -Katy Upperman

"This a book that every teen girl should read.  It's up there with powerful, gut-wrenching books like Speak and Thirteen Reasons Why." –Jen McConnel

"Live Through This is a book that I will not be able to forget. I don't want to either. Coley's story is something that needs to be shared, understood and listened to." Ginger at GReads!

"This book stands apart from others with similar subject matter. In a way, Scott dances in a gray area of abuse, reminding readers abuse doesn’t always look like abuse, even if is still leaves its mark." -Kari at A Good Addiction 

"This is a very important, very well done book that chills you with its premise." - Jessi at Elliott Review

"This multi-dimensional exploration of Coley’s life makes Live Through This stand out; there is light along with the darkness in Coley’s life. That’s a critical point that distinguishes this book, because Coley is more than what has happened to her, more than the guilt that follows her." -Sarah at Clear Eyes Full Shelves

"I am amazed by Mindi Scott’s storytelling capabilities – I can’t even imagine writing a story like this and still being able to include the beautiful, fun, light moments in such a perfect way." - Tara at Hobbitsies