I came across two new reviews for Freefall last week. Both of the reviewers happen to be named Michelle! Click each link to read the full reviews.

Michelle at GalleySmith said: It is in watching [Seth's] evolution [through Interpersonal Communication class] that Scott works her magic best. She shows Seth at the lowest of lows and then challenges him to become a better person. To become a more stable person. To become the person he wants to be. This doesn’t come without cost — loss of friends and family — but in the end he is far richer for it.

Michelle at Michelle's Bookshelf said: I find Freefall to be an amazing contribution to the contemporary world of YA. It is honest and true to real life, does not shy away from difficult subject matter and is narrated through the eyes and voice of an authentic and well etched individual. If you are a fan of contemporary novels with fantastic characters then I 100% recommend this novel to you!

Thank you to both Michelles for sharing your thoughts about Freefall! :-)