At this moment, I can't write about The Happiest Time because if put a lot of thought into this and try to quantify it, I will never end up posting anything. And that would defeat the purpose of a blog Writer's Block prompt, yes?

So this is about A Happy Time. The song was "Luka" by Suzanne Vega (probably not Vincent Vega's cousin). It might seem like an odd choice since the lyrics are about a boy who is being abused. I didn't fully grasp that at the time, though. Also, I'd assumed that Luka was the name of the woman performing it.

I was around ten years old when "Luka" came out and I remember singing along with the radio and my Aunt Tracy, who was 23 at the time. I didn't have a great singing voice, but I'd belt it out with a lot of sincerity and she'd laugh. Whenever I think of this song, it always takes me back to that summer and spending time with my super-cool aunt. :-)

"My name is Luka. I live on the second floor. . . "