On the day before Halloween, Chelsea Campbell (THE RISE OF RENEGADE X), Denise Jaden (LOSING FAITH), Karen Kincy (OTHER), me, and Kimberly Derting (THE BODY FINDER) all got together to talk about writing and books at Uppercase Books in Snohomish, Washington. 

Look!  Here's proof!

It was fun to get to see all of these ladies again! We first met up almost a year ago for lunch in Bellingham (along with Caitlin Kittredge and Phoebe Kitanidis). At that time, we were a month from the start of our debut year.  Since then, I feel like we've all bonded a lot.  Some of us have been able to make it out for each other launch parties and we've had endless contact online through the Tenners.  Denise and I, especially, have had a lot to talk about in the past year since we're both Pulse authors with the same publicist and release dates that happened to be only one month apart! 

Karen set this event up for us, and I am very appreciative!  We each spoke a little about our books, and then the rest of the time was spent taking LOTS of great questions from the audience.  We kind of got a rhythm going where we'd start at one end and then work out way across so that everyone could hear from each of us on the topics at hand.  I, personally, found it really interesting getting to hear about the similarities and differences in each of the publication journeys and creative processes. I think we probably gave the audience a pretty good variety of answers to mull over.

Since it was the day before Halloween, we all decided to be a little bit festive and decorate our heads.  Here's a more close-up group picture so you can see:

Chelsea is wearing a pumpkin hat that she knitted (or crocheted?),  Karen has a witch hat, Denise has a fluffy halo, I'm in black cat ears, and Kim has little bats above her head!

Thank you again, to Karen, for organizing and to Uppercase Books for having us!  And thank you to the people who came to see us and chat with us.   I hope we can all do it again soon!

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