I've been remiss in updating my entries requiring photos.  I couldn't find my camera charger after I got back from NYC.  Turns out, it was in my suitcase all along!  Excuses, excuses, I know.

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to see Holly Cupala and Conrad Wesselhoeft give a presentation together at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.  Part of what they talked about in time they were allotted was what inspired them to write these stories and also some similarities between their books.  For example, Holly's book, TELL ME A SECRET, is about a girl who is an artist (painting and drawing) whose sibling (sister) passed away while Conrad's books, ADIOS, NIRVANA, is about a boy who is an artist (guitarist and poet) whose sibling (twin brother) passed away.  Both stories are set in Seattle, Washington. Very interesting!

Dwayne tells me that there is a (positive) Goodreads review in which a reader indicates that FREEFALL reminds her of a combination of these two books.  Which, I suppose makes sense since it is set (in a fictional town) near Seattle, and my character is a bassist whose best friend passed away. 

After the presentation, I had them each sign a copy of their books for me and I took a cookie!  I also posed for a picture with them, but my photographer (Dwayne) didn't let on that it was an extremely unflattering pose for me.  And, yes, I am exactly the right amount of vain to not show it on the internet.  You'll have to trust me that I was actually there.  Or you can ask these authors to confirm it!  ;-)

Here is a lovely picture of the two of them (along with Random Bookstore Bystander):

It was fun to see Holly again and great to meet Conrad.  I've heard awesome things about these books and am very much looking forward to reading them! 

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